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Server Metas

The server_metas dataset is a JSONL-formatted listing of info on every DScope collection instance allocated during each day.


This dataset has both public and private versions:

  • public: s3://dscope-datasets-public/metas/{date}.jsonl.zst
  • private: s3://dscope-datasets-private/metas/{date}.jsonl.zst


For each DScope collection date, lines contain the following fields in JSON format:

IdAWS EC2 Instance ID
ZoneAWS EC2 Zone name. Note that zone names vary across accounts, and are not guaranteed to be consistent in the dataset.
ZoneIdThe Zone ID. These are consistent across accounts but not present in all meta records.
LaunchTimeApproximate instance launch time (from EC2 metadata service)
RecordStartTimeExact time the instance started recording traffic.
PublicIpEC2 Public IP assigned to the instance. Note: in the public version the last octet of this is deterministically randomized. The same IP is randomized the same way every time.
TargetRecordDurationHow long the instance was configured to record for, in seconds
InstanceTypeThe EC2 instance type of the recording instance
BootTimeThe boot time of the instance as measured by the Linux kernel
BuildVersionGit hash of the DScope collector version running.


Measurement Applications