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If you publish work using data from DScope, cite our paper from USENIX Security 2023:

  address   = {Anaheim, CA},
  title     = {{DScope}: {A} {Cloud}-{Native} {Internet} {Telescope}},
  booktitle = {Proceedings of the 32nd {USENIX} {Security} {Symposium} ({USENIX} {Security} 2023)},
  publisher = {USENIX Association},
  author    = {Pauley, Eric and Barford, Paul and McDaniel, Patrick},
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  year      = {2023}

Contact epauley@cs.wisc.edu to have your work included on this page!

A variety of works have used DScope data to analyze trends in Internet security and cloud infrastructure.

Papers using DScope

YearAuthors & Title
2023Guide et al., Characterizing the Modification Space of Signature IDS Rules
2022Pauley et al., Measuring and Mitigating the Risk of IP Reuse on Public Clouds
2022Pauley et al., EIPSIM: Modeling Secure IP Address Allocation at Cloud Scale

Other Usage